The Civil Resolution Tribunal

Distinctive disputes should be determined by specialized adjudicators. Additional procedural tools should be afforded to parties where the issues to be determined are more complex.During my pre-law...

Ouran Li

Economics of Justice

Discussions around the “economics of justice” or the “cost of justice” typically focus on the cost of retaining a lawyer, the cost of attending trial and missing work. It is...

Emma Abdjalieva

Someone Made Up Your Mind For You

Mental health touches all of us. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, as many as 17% of British Columbians are experiencing a mental health or substance use issue today — you...

Dante Abbey


In a world often plagued by lengthy legal battles, that can come with soaring costs and emotional turmoil, the concept of justice can sometimes feel distant and elusive. Amidst the traditional...

Puneet K. Klar

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