BarTalk | October 2016

  • October 01, 2016

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While motor vehicles have changed since the date of the photo on the cover of this issue of BarTalk, so too has personal injury law and motor vehicle related legislation. With the advent of car-sharing, personal injury lawsuits bring to light new issues – the extent to which owner’s insurance covers a car-sharing driver and potentially new liability defences. The law continues to evolve in an attempt to modify drinking and driving behavior and at the same time tests the constitution. Automobile insurance and personal injury regimes across Canada vary and comparisons of such regimes illustrate certain efficiencies, and in the case of Ontario, significant overhauls in the Statutory Accident Benefits regime highlights the potential exposure for increased tort claims in that province. Enjoy the read!

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Michael Welsh
Every Journey Has
a Beginning

Our roadmap is set

by Michael Welsh

Big Data and Personal Injury

A duty to warn for Internet service providers

by Yun Li-Reilly

Caroline Nevin
Failure Is Always An Option

Choosing a new
comfort zone

by Caroline Nevin

Car-Sharing Among Plaintiffs and Defendants

Features in
personal injury law

by Kevin Yee

David J. Bilinsky
Lawyers and Heart Disease

Taking steps to not
be a statistic

by David J. Bilinsky

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

The constitutional challenge saga

by Christina Drake

What are the signs and symptoms of types of heart disease?

by David J. Bilinksy

Ontario Statutory

Accident benefits changes

by Danielle M. Gauvreau and Laura L. Emmett

Tony Wilson
Boldly Going

We are living in
amazing times

by Tony Wilson

Personal Injury Across Provinces

Dimensions of auto insurance in Canada

by Brandon Hastings

Rebeka Breder
In Response to…
Animal Liability Act, Bill M212

Barking up the right tree

by Paul Bosco

Workers’ Compensation Considerations

In Personal Injury Actions

by Laurel Courtenay

A Look Back

Photos courtesy of City of Vancouver Archives.

Students and Young Lawyers

Should give personal injury practice a try

by Alec J. Young


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