BarTalk | October 2017

  • October 01, 2017
Inside this issue:

Change and choice are at the heart of this month’s Family Law issue of BarTalk. Many of the feature articles focus on options available to people dealing with family law issues – from alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation/arbitration to making better use of Judicial Case Conferences – and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of those options.

Of note, Audra Bayer discusses circumstances where choice in process has historically not been offered, such as where family violence is a factor, and details how this can further victimize the vulnerable party by depriving that person of choice and control. Along with this focus on client options, inside you will also find ideas for innovation in family law practice, including unbundling services for clients, and making use of the various resources available to assist with family matters, including the services of professionals such as child specialists and parenting coordinators, to best assist clients to resolution.

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Bill Veenstra
A New CBA Year Begins

Challenges and Opportunities in 2017-2018

by Bill Veenstra

Arlene H. Henry, QC and Mary Mouat, QC
Children’s Views

Why they matter in court and in mediations

by Arlene H. Henry, QC
and Mary Mouat, QC

Caroline Nevin
Breaking Down Barriers
and Building Bridges

The Profession of the Future: Colourful, Diverse and Culturally Awake

by Caroline Nevin

Kari D. Boyle and Zahra H. Jimale
Improving Access to Justice Through Unbundling

What’s next?

by Kari D. Boyle and Zahra H. Jimale

David J. Bilinsky
Changing Perceptions

Staring into the void...

by David J. Bilinsky

Views from the Bench

Making the most of JCCs

by The Honourable Mr. Justice Butler, The Honourable Mr. Justice Groves, Master Scarth and Nikki Hair

Tech Tips
How do you innovate
with technology?

by David J. Bilinksy

Planning for the Future of
a Co-Parenting Relationship

Parent coordinators and child specialists

by Anahita Tajadod

Tony Wilson
♫Goose-Step's the New Step Today♫

Springtime for Hitler

by Tony Wilson, QC

Family Law Arbitration Update

As mediation flourishes, arbitration remains stuck in the ADR toolkit

by Michael Butterfield

Audra Bayer
Specialized Mediation

Empowerment – generating options, safeguarding the right to choose

by Audra Bayer

Russell S. Tretiak, QC AND W. Laurence Scott, QC
Having Babies

For same-sex couples

by Russell S. Tretiak, QC and W. Laurence Scott, QC

BC Family Justice

Systematic and cultural change and the FLA

by Brandon Hastings

The Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Pros and Cons
of Med-Arb1

by Carol Hickman, QC

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