BarTalk | April 2018

  • April 01, 2018
Inside this issue:

We've all heard it before: we must adapt our practices and adopt new technologies to better serve our clients if we want to ensure our continued relevance as a profession. And with the advent of artificial intelligence programs purporting to replace legal advice from lawyers, the time is now. This month we delve into this issue to explore the use of technology in our practices, and in the community, and laws around that use, for example in the realm of robotics in policing.



Bill Veenstra
A Crash Course
in ICBC Caps

CBABC responds to "product changes"

by Bill Veenstra

Laura Atkinson
Technology to Meet Clients’ Changing Needs

How technology can
make practice easier

by Laura Atkinson

Caroline Nevin
Keeping on Top of
Employment Trends

Two essential CBA surveys that help

by Caroline Nevin

Francine Rattray
Technology to Support Indigenous Governance

Web-based applications

by Francine Rattray

David J. Bilinsky
AI Invades the Legal Sphere

Lawyers are headed for some terrible thrills

by David J. Bilinsky

Andrea Donaldson
and Law Enforcement

Science fiction
is the new reality

by Henry Waldock

Tech Tips
One tenet of law practice
is to "follow the money."

by David J. Bilinksy

Shannon Salter
What is the Solution Explorer?

Free legal information
for the public

by Shannon Salter

Tony Wilson
All Thy Sons (and
Daughters) Command

O Canada's new words

by Tony Wilson, QC

Sara Forte and Janine F. Jones
Technology and Alternative Work Arrangements

Case Studies

by Sara Forte
and Janine F. Jones

Geordie Hungerford
Indigenous Matters
Reconciliation Through Technology

Let’s bring broadband development to the North

by Geordie Hungerford

Katie Sykes
Teaching Tomorrow’s Lawyers

TRU Law’s cool law and innovation scene

by Katie Sykes

Geordie Hungerford
Indigenous Matters
Supreme Court Exercises Its Parens Patriae Jurisdiction Over Indigenous Newborn

by Frances Rosner

Kelsey Rose
Discover Data,
Not Documents

Improve justice by rethinking discovery

by Chilwin Cheng


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