BarTalk | June 2018

  • June 01, 2018
Inside this issue:

With the Cannabis Act slated to come into force July 1, 2018, there is much to learn about the regulation of cannabis by federal, provincial, and First Nations governments going forward. This month our guest authors discuss what that regulation might look like, and consider the impact of the new laws permitting cannabis use and sale on such sectors as employment, municipal zoning and licensing, and health.



Bill Veenstra
CBABC’s Truth & Reconciliation Action Plan

The steps we are taking as a Branch

by Bill Veenstra

John Conroy
Cannabis in Canada

Background Overview and Links

by John W. Conroy, QC

Caroline Nevin
A Healthy Profession

It takes a village

by Caroline Nevin

Brian K. Beitz
BC’s Regulatory Framework for Cannabis

Local government’s role in retail

by Brian K. Beitz

David J. Bilinsky
Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Order

The digital justice movement grows

by David J. Bilinsky

Andrea Donaldson
Cannabis in the Workplace

Too high for duty?

by Paul Heisler and Alexander Bjornson

Tech Tips
There is a growing list worldwide of online tribunals.

Here's a sampling:

by David J. Bilinksy

Shannon Salter
Marijuana Cafés

A new meaning for 4.20?

by Graeme Hooper

Tony Wilson
She Blinded Me with Science

Canada’s new Governor General is a rocket scientist

by Tony Wilson, QC

Brandon Hastings
The Cannabis Act

High time for change?

by Brandon D. Hastings

Merle Alexander and Maya Stano
Indigenous Matters
The New Crop

An important role for Indigenous governance and business

by Merle Alexander & Maya Stano

Frances Rosner
Indigenous Matters
Bill 26 The Child, Family and Community Service Amendment Act

Incremental Changes Underway in Indigenous Child Protection

by Frances Rosner

Guest Column
PST Audits on the Rise

Audits can be time consuming and frustrating. The best defence is preparation.

by Michael Butterfield


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