Advocacy in Action April 2022

Budget 2022 | The Future of Legal Profession Governance | E-Cycling to Connect BC | Calls for Consultation

April 2022

Advocacy in Action April 2022

Budget 2022

In November, CBABC reported that the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services had accepted recommendations made by CBABC to expand the scope of legal aid family law services, additional funding to implement DRIPA and restorative justice programs, and funding to advance the digital transformation of the legal and justice system.

However, that was before a catastrophic atmospheric river wiped out major highways and cut off BC communities and COVID-19 made a dramatic return in the form of a fourth Omicron wave. In a matter of weeks, healthcare emergencies and climate change events took precedence over other government priorities.

When the provincial budget was announced in February, CBABC responded by recognizing the commitments made by the BC government to advance Indigenous reconciliation. However, we also urged the government to go further by ensuring adequate funding is in place to produce tangible results as the implementation of DRIPA moves forward.

The Future of Legal Profession Governance

The Law Society of BC’s Report of a Governance Review recommends significant changes to the regulation of the legal profession. CBABC had an opportunity to provide input into this report, making a submission to governance expert Harry Cayton back in October.

Now CBABC is hosting a series of important roundtable events throughout the province to ask questions about how lawyers view the governance of the profession and our relationship with the regulator:

  • What is the appropriate role of LSBC?
  • What expectations do you have for LSBC to engage with lawyers?
  • What support/assistance do lawyers need regarding LSBC regulatory requirements?

Consider participating in this important process that will shape the way the regulator governs the profession in years to come! These events are free to members and non-members. If the date for your region has passed, simply select an alternate date that fits your schedule. Register today.

E-cyling to Connect BC

CBABC is partnering with Electronic Recycling Association to collect previously used laptops, computers, and smartphones to be refurbished and provided to remote and Indigenous communities. This initiative will help ensure no one is left behind in communities where there is limited access to the technology needed to participate in virtual hearings or other online legal services.

This exciting project runs from Apr 11 – May 20 at drop-off locations across BC. Visit to arrange your donation.

Recent Calls for Consultation

The BC Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules Committee is leading a consultation to modify the Rules of Contempt. CBABC volunteers stepped up in March to make a written submission containing recommendations for change.

An Inquiry into Hate During the COVID-19 Pandemic was launched by the BC Human Rights Commissioner and CBABC was invited to make submissions, which will be released later this month.