Get ahead start in your law career

We’re offering customized programs created for law students in BC. These programs showcase what students can expect after law school and how to navigate early-career circumstances they may face.


Practice in Rural BC

This session addresses the benefits and challenges of a legal career outside a large urban centre. Students gain an understanding of what is involved in setting up their own practice and the experience of working in firms based in rural locations from Ucluelet to Kelowna to Prince George.

TRU: Thu, Oct 20 | 1:00pm | Register →

UBC & UVic: Thu, Oct 27 | 12:30pm | Register →

Financial Success in Law School & Beyond

This hands-on presentation tackles the single biggest financial worry for many law students: How do I manage my debt, so it doesn’t manage me? We’ll give you strategies to keep your debt in check. Invest an hour with us. Your takeaways: answers to some of your biggest financial questions, a customized cash flow worksheet, and the first step of your financial plan.

UBC, UVic & TRU: Wed, Nov 16 | 12:30pm | Register →

Becoming an Invaluable Articling Student

For most students, taking the next big step from Law Student to Articling Student can be daunting. In this session, students learn tips and tricks to get ahead in the workplace, maximize their articling experience, and start their legal career on the right path.

TRU: Thu, Mar 16 | 1pm | Register →

UBC & UVic: Mon, Mar 20 | 12:30pm | Register →