With COVID-19 continuing to spread around the globe, many organizations are preparing for the impact to clients and employees. CBA has resources that specifically speak to the legal profession – and they are available to members at no additional cost.

The guide and webinar were originally created in 2014 after the SARS, H1N1 and Ebola crises but the content is still very relevant today.

It's a delicate balance of public health and private rights. These are your resources to be proactive.

The Podcast

It’s the topic on everyone’s mind – what do you do in a pandemic. And for employment lawyers specifically – how do you protect the workplace? What type of legislation are we dealing with when it comes to responding to pandemics? Learn more with guest Sheila Osborne-Brown. Recorded Feb 27, 2020.

The Guide

“Pandemics and the Workplace: A Resource for Lawyers”

The CBA’s National Labour and Employment Law Section created a pandemic preparedness resource guide to address key questions for employers, unions and employees.

This resource guide helps lawyers prepare their clients and advise them during a pandemic. It can also be used by lawyers to assess the effect a pandemic could have on their own workplace. It covers such things as pandemic plans, vaccination requirements, work refusals, forced absences, compassionate care leave and doctor’s notes. Also included in this guide is a concise two-page chart that shows lawyers and/or their clients what to expect and what measures to take during three different stages of a pandemic in the workplace.




“Pandemic Preparedness: A Lawyer’s Guide for Institutions, Employers, Employees and Public Health" 

Public health crises put everyone at risk. This 90-minute webinar is all about preparing yourself and your clients for a pandemic.  If you work with an institution providing health care, or with employers/employees coping with the practical and legal realities of operating during an outbreak – this session is for you. 


Please note: CBA has waived the member rate for the webinar.