The Vancouver Bar Association (“VBA”) was founded in 1892 and is a voluntary association of approximately 1,500 lawyers from the County of Vancouver. The VBA advances and protects the interests of its members in various ways, such as:

  • cooperating with the Law Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association in matters of mutual interest;
  • publishing the Advocate, a leading journal for both academic and informative writing “of interest to the lawyer and in the lawyer’s interest”;
  • operating the Barristers Lounge at the Vancouver Court House and funding major improvements to the facilities in 2011 in partnership with several Vancouver law firms;
  • encouraging a high standard of legal education, training, and ethics through its work with the Peter S. Hyndman Award Committee, its funding of scholarships, and by setting and enforcing the articling guidelines;
  • upholding the honour and dignity of the profession by contributing to, working with, and encouraging its members to support various causes, such as the Public Inquiry on Legal Aid, the Lawyers Assistance Program, the CBABC Benevolent Society, and Access Pro Bono; and,
  • forming partnerships with other entities, such as childcare provider, Kids & Co., and its preferred legal recruiter, the Counsel Network.

In addition, the VBA fosters harmonious relations among its members by hosting several social functions throughout the year, including the VBA Alpine Team Championship at Whistler, the Judges’ Lunch, the Devil’s Advocate, the CBA/VBA Golf Tournament, the VBA Softball League, the Fall Wine Festival, a dodgeball tournament, and its Annual General Meeting.

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