Annual Report 2012/2013

  • July 12, 2013

Submitted by Section Chair, Neil Hain

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 5

September 25, 2012
Guest Speaker: Gabe Somjen
Synopsis: Mr. Somjen reviewed apology legislation in North American with emphasis on the BC Apology Act. The Section examined the role, benefits and potential pitfalls of incorporating genuine apologies in the resolution process as well as a consideration of forgiveness as a key ingredient in addressing and empowering the parties and their emotional interests.

October 23, 2013
Guest Speaker: Neil Hain
Synopsis: Mr. Hain explored how various self-governing professions use ADR to support early resolution of complaints against their members.

January 22, 2013
Guest Speaker: Susanna Jani
Synopsis: Overview of Mediate BC's distance family law mediation project.

February 19, 2013
Guest Speaker: Neil Hain, Darrin Thompson, and Phil Dougan
Synopsis: Panel reviewed ADR opportunities and pitfalls in resolving strata disputes.\

June 25, 2013
Guest Speaker: Gabe Somjen
Synopsis: Mr. Somjen reviewed various BC Administrative Tribunals and their struggle to deliver quick, efficient and inexpensive dispute resolution process and outcomes.

Comments and Observations of the Chair

It has been another exciting year with the ADR-Vancouver Section. We considered and debated a wide range of topics including: the current trends and interest in using technology as an aid for dispute resolution, how traditional ADR processes continue to struggle with achieving timely process and outcomes, and where innovation continues to be at the forefront of many BC home grown ADR processes.

The Section observed how recent legislative and rule based reforms are affecting civil and family law matters and showcasing how ADR is no longer considered an adjunct but now a mainstream process for accessing justice. Many of our Section members have commented that the time is coming where members of the public and bar will recognize that the "A" in "ADR" stands for Appropriate rather than Alternative Dispute Resolution. Once again the CBABC staff have been a tremendous source of support and encouragement, and on behalf of our Section we extend our heartfelt thanks. Wishing everyone a fun and restful summer.