Annual Report 2020/2021

  • August 17, 2021

Summary of Meetings: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Victoria

Number of Meetings Held:3

October 16, 2020
Registration Count: 25
Guest Speaker: Paul Godin
Meeting Title/Topic: Effective Negotiation in Meetings and Mediations
Synopsis: Paul Godin presented and led a discussion about:

  • Core tools for legal negotiation: The elements of principled negotiation.
  • Balancing rights and interests effectively
  • Challenges and approaches in legal negotiations
  • Prepping your clients and managing expectations
  • Multi-party negotiations
  • Negotiating the lawyer
  • Participant challenges
  • Positional and extreme bargainers
  • Negotiating in Mediations
  • Key tips


December 15, 2020
Registration Count: 118
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Bouchard, Mediator David Noganosh, Mediator and Principal, Red Wolf Mediation Karen Snowshoe, Lawyer, Arbitrator, Mediator
Meeting Title/Topic: Indigenous Approaches to Conflict Resolution
Synopsis:This panel of experienced Indigenous mediators and conflict resolution practitioners shared their perspectives on Indigenous approaches to effective conflict resolution for a range of disputes.
We learned more about their experiences and:

  • Best practices for working with Indigenous communities, organizations, or issues
  • The spiritual and healing aspects of conflict resolution, and the role of Indigenous culture and traditions
  • Tailoring approaches to specific communities and their world views
  • Creating safe spaces for healing and transformation
  • Trauma-informed approaches to mediation and to other forms of resolution
  • Challenges working in Indigenous communities and First Nations
  • What distinguishes Indigenous conflict resolution practices from Interest and Rights based ADR approaches


April 21, 2021
Registration Count: 43
Guest Speaker: Wayne Plenert, Peacebuilder Mediation Simon Margolis, Q.C., Cornish Margolis Boyd Paul Godin, Katalyst Resoultions
Meeting Title/Topic: Mediating at a Distance: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic about Mediating by Phone and over Online Platforms
Synopsis:Wayne Plenert, Simon Margolis, Q.C. and Paul Godin discussed lessons learned from "Zoom Mediations" and answered questions about what effective Distance Mediation looks like.

Comments and Observations of the Chair