Committee Volunteer Form

In 2019-20, CBABC is restructuring the mandates and names of our committees. Right now we want to know what interests you so we connect your interests with the specific committee work. 

I'm interested in: 


  • Developing policy and submissions in legislation and law reform in your area of knowledge
  • Developing policy and submissions relating to access to justice through the legal profession and the courts
  • Developing policy and submissions related to professional issues such as regulation of the profession
  • Developing policy and submissions related to issues facing Young Lawyers


  • Providing input to member services (sections, professional development, mentorship)
  • Provide input into member services for Young Lawyers
  • Providing input into programs and initiatives to implement the CBABC Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Providing input into programs and policies to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion within CBABC, the profession and the justice system
  • Provide input about programs, resources, and opportunities to innovate in the practice of law


  • Identifying and encouraging members for volunteer leadership positions and aware recognition
  • Reviewing and recommending financial policy, budget, internal controls and risk management
  • Developing, reviewing and recommending changes to governance responsibilities


  • Preparing confidential reports on applicants to the Provincial Court
  • Provide advice to the Rural Education and Access to Lawyers initiative
  • Oversee the publication of BarTalk
  • Organize and volunteer at public outreach events such as Law Week

Appointments are effective September 1, 2019.

Only CBA members are eligible for appointment, and if appointed, must maintain CBA membership throughout their term of appointment.

Would you serve on a Committee other than those chosen?

Would you serve on more than one Committee?

Are you currently a member of a CBABC Committee?

Would you like to continue on this Committee?

Please attach one page CV
CBABC values diversity and asks this question to assist in appointing Committees that reflect the diversity of BC lawyers, including geographic diversity, to the greatest extent possible.