Annual Report 2010/2011

  • June 30, 2011

Submitted by Section Co-Chairs John Lee, QC, and Cristen Gleeson

Summary of Activities

Number of Meetings Held: 3

November 15, 2010
Guest Speaker: Attorney General Mike De Jong, QVCC, and Senior Policy Analyst Nancy Carter
Discussion and feedback session regarding the new Family Law Act

March 2, 2011
Guest Speaker: Master Peter J. Keighley, QC
Discussion of practice in Chambers related to family law.

May 25, 2011
Guest Speaker: Dr. Elterman
Discussion of the growing trend of using parenting coordinators in family law.

Comments and Observations of the Co-Chairs

We held several very informative Section meetings including a Fall 2010 meeting at which Attorney General Mike De Jong, QC, and his Senior Policy Analyst Nancy Carter were present. This session gave family law layers from Vancouver and Chilliwack in attendance the opportunity to interact directly with the drafters of the new Family Law Act and to proivide comment directly on the legislation.