Annual Report 2015/2016

Submitted by Section Co-Chair, Cristen Gleeson

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 4

October 13, 2015
Guest Speaker: The Honourable Suzanne Anton
Meeting Title/Topic: Access to Justice
Synopsis: Discussions included new initiatives to facilitate increased access to justice particularly in the Family Law sector.

S , 2015
Guest Speaker:
Meeting Title/Topic:

Comments and Observations of the Chair

Throughout the past year my experience as Chair has been a good experience. Since the introduction of the Family Law Act there have been significant changes in family law. As the Family Law Act continues to be interpreted, having meetings to discuss recent case law and how certain concepts are being applied assists all of the family lawyers in attendance. In addition to the substantive changes in the law, access to justice is always a live issue and being able to facilitate discussions about this issue is, in my view, very important.