Annual Report 2015/2016

Submitted by Section Co-Chair, Francois Paradis

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 4

28 OCT 2015
Guest Speakers: Emily Ohler, CEO and General Counsel of Broadleap Solutions Ltd. Robert Danay, counsel at the BC Regional Office of the Department of Justice Lisa Nevens, counsel at the BC Regional Office of the Department of Justice
Meeting Title/Topic: Public Sector Work Abroad
Synopsis: Emily Ohler advised the United Nations and various governments on policy, legal, procedural and practical matters related to a portfolio of $4.3 billion in complex sustainable development projects. Robert Danay clerked at the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Lisa Nevens was a Chambers intern at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They spoke about the nature of their duties and their experience working abroad.

26 JAN 2016
Guest Speaker: David Avren - Director, Legal Services, BC Hydro Kim Kobayashi - Legal Counsel and Director, Legal Services at A & W Food Services of Canada Inc. Tom Zworski - City Solicitor, City of Victoria
Meeting Title/Topic: A Day in the Life of In-House Counsel
Synopsis: David Avren, Kim Kobayashi, and Tom Zworski shared their respective experiences as in-house counsel with a Crown corporation, a private corporation, and a municipality, including the ethical challenges they face and the non-legal roles they undertake.

18 APR 2016
Guest Speaker: Greg Levine - member of the Public Sector Lawyers executive; counsel in the areas of municipal, administrative and government ethics law; Integrity Commissioner for five municipalities in Ontario; author of three books and numerous articles on government ethics law
Meeting Title/Topic: Law of Government Ethics - Revisions and Concerns
Synopsis: Greg Levine spoke about developments, broad trends, ongoing issues and concerns in government ethics law, particularly over the last few years.

14 JUN 2016
Guest Speaker: Kevin Marks, President, BC Crown Counsel Association Karen Truscott, Governing Council (Vancouver Region), Association of Justice Counsel Sandra Wilkinson, President, Legal Services Branch Lawyers Association
Meeting Title/Topic: Employment Issues for Public Sector Lawyers
Synopsis: The guest speakers - representing the Association of Justice Counsel, the BC Crown Counsel Association, and the Legal Services Branch Lawyers Association - discussed workplace issues facing their respective organizations, described labour developments over the past year, and forecasted upcoming labour issues and developments.

Comments and Observations of the Chair

It was a pleasure co-chairing the Public Sector Lawyers section. We put on four varied meetings with fascinating and informative speakers at different venues as well as one social. Our meetings and social also provided members the opportunity to meet one another and network. We continued our efforts to attract new attendees and members. I look forward to the upcoming year!