Perspectives on the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution in workplace investigations

  • November 29, 2023

This meeting was held at 12:00 PM via Zoom.

Guest Speakers

Jessica Thomson, PCM Lawyers LLP
Michael Oland, Southern Butler Price LLP
Jacqueline Beltgens, Beltgens Law


Jessica Thomson, PCM Lawyers LLP, Michael Oland, Southern Butler Price LLP and Jaqueline Beltgens, Beltgens Law, discussed the use of ADR in the course of a workplace investigation including the kind of ADR which may be appropriate in a particular circumstance, the benefits of the use of ADR, the timing of the use of the ADR, and how ADR can assist in conducting a trauma informed investigation.


Duration of meeting was 1.0 hours. Of this, 1 hours can be counted towards CPD.

Submitted by Sections Advisor: Emily Yamaguchi