About Us

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) is a national, legal professional association with 38,000 lawyers, students and judges in Canada, including over 7,800 in BC. CBA formed in 1896 and was incorporated on April 15, 1921 by a Special Act of Parliament. It is Canada’s only national association focused solely on protecting and furthering the interests of lawyers, no matter the geographic location or practice setting.  CBA pays attention to the wants and needs of lawyers, and delivers as efficiently as possible… with a small staff and a huge pool of volunteers.

At the CBA, we are dedicated to protecting the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and the Bar, and improving laws, the justice system and access to justice. We believe in equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the profession and in the justice system, and are committed to the process of reconciliation with Indigenous People in Canada.

The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch (CBABC) carries out the mission of the CBA in British Columbia and supports over 7,800 members in British Columbia. We connect our members to the people, knowledge, and skills they need to successfully practice law. We do this through community building and support, learning and development, and advocacy and professional initiatives within the legal profession.