Diversity on the Bench & on Tribunals

Diversity on the Bench
Thinking of applying to the Bench? Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie, Justice Baljinder Girn, Judge Dealaram Jahani, and Judge David St. Pierre give insight on their day-to-day activities in the Provincial and Supreme Courts, the skills and knowledge required, what to consider when applying to the Bench, and how applications are evaluated.

Tue, May 14 | 5:00pm – 6:30pm | 1.5 CPD (1.5 Ethics)

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Diversity on Tribunals
Considering a decision-making role in your legal career? Luningning (Ning) Alcuitas-Imperial, Erin FrewJennifer Glougie and Nancy Singh offer guidance on how to build a successful skillset and knowledge to be a tribunal member and how to convey that in your application.

Tue, May 21 | 4:30 –  6:30pm | 1.5 (1.5 Ethics)

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