Mediation Tips and Traps

  • September 15, 2022

This meeting was held at 12:30 PM via Zoom.

Guest Speakers

Elise Schopper-Brigel, West Coast Family Law Centre
Karen Henry, West Coast Family Law Centre


Members heard from mediators and counsel, Elise Schopper-Brigel and Karen Henry, on how to be effective in a mediation. They shared tips and discuss traps facing counsel, including the best ways to:

  • prepare your client for the mediation
  • support your client during the mediation
  • advance your client’s case
  • work well with the mediator and opposing counsel
  • respond to aggressive counsel or opposing parties.

This session was aimed to be of particular interest to lawyers in their early years of practice.


Duration of meeting was 1.0 hours. Of this, 1 hours can be counted towards CPD.

Submitted by Sections Advisor: Sianne Petrisor, Canadian Bar Association - BC Branch