BCHRT Rule 7 Amendment

  • September 15, 2017

The Tribunal is considering an amendment to Rule 7 – Representation before the Tribunal. We would like to receive feedback about the draft amended rule, set out below. Please address your comments to the Registrar by October 13, 2017.  You can visit the website by clicking here.

DRAFT Rule 7 – Representation before the Tribunal
How participants may be represented

  1. A participant may be represented by a lawyer or other person, or may be self-represented.
  2. The representative may be:
    1. a lawyer or other person authorized to practice law in British Columbia under the Legal Profession Act, or
    2. a person who acts as a representative with no expectation of a fee, gain or reward, direct or indirect, from the participant they represent, except for persons identified in s. 15(3) of the Legal Profession Act.

Withdrawal of representative

  1. A representative who ceases to represent a participant must file notice of the withdrawal.

Responsibilities of participants and representatives

  1. Participants and representatives must treat all persons in the course of a complaint with courtesy and respect.
  2. Participants and representatives must participate in the complaint process with appropriate consideration for all persons without discrimination. 
  3. Participants and representatives must conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and must not act in a manner that would undermine the Tribunal’s process. 

Consequences for failure to comply

  1. Without limiting rule 4, if the Tribunal determines that a representative has not complied with this rule, the Tribunal may impose restrictions on the representative’s continued participation in, or attendance at, a proceeding, or may exclude the representative from further participation in a proceeding.