Act in Force: Pay Transparency Act

  • November 15, 2023

As of November 1, 2023, the Pay Transparency Act has come into force. All employers must now include expected pay or pay range for job postings, and certain employers must complete and post pay transparency reports. Prospective employees cannot be asked to disclose their pay history and will be able to ask about their pay without fear of reprisal. 

This year, the BC government and the six largest Crown corporations (BC Hydro, BC Housing, BC Lottery Corp., BC Transit, ICBC, and Work Safe BC) are required to begin releasing annual pay transparency reports. In 2024, this will apply to private employers with 1,000+ employees, and employers of smaller numbers in subsequent years. 

Pay inequity in BC is amongst the highest in Canada. This legislation intends to help address systemic discrimination in the workplace and the gender pay gap by:

  • Prohibiting employers from asking job applicants to disclose their pay history  
  • Requiring employers to list expected pay or pay range in job postings   
  • Prohibiting certain reprisals by employers against employees  
  • Requiring specified employers to complete and post pay transparency reports  

The CBA advocated for pay transparency legislation in the 2021 report, Pay Equity in the Legal Profession, which recommends addressing lack of pay transparency, pregnancy-related discrimination, and inequitable workload and compensation. The report highlights how changes at legal workplaces are the fastest way to advance pay equity in the legal profession. 

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