Advocacy Win: Introduction of the Money Judgement Enforcement Act

  • May 09, 2023

CBABC applauds the recent introduction of Bill 27, the Money Judgement Enforcement Act.   

The proposed legislation, which was tabled on May 1, 2023, will enable people to more easily obtain the money they’re owed following a civil court or tribunal decision. It is based on recommendations from the BC Law Institute and the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, echoed in our Agenda for Justice 2021, to: 

  • Simplify and clarify the procedures for enforcing judgements and reduce the need to apply to court for orders; 
  • Eliminate (or at least minimize) technicalities that Judgement Debtors can use to shield non-exempt property from seizure; and  
  • Continue to protect the reasonable rights of Judgement Debtors. 

The legislation would improve access to justice for court and tribunal users by streamlining the currently outdated and inefficient enforcement process in BC that makes it difficult for people to obtain compensation.