Career Starter Series

Essential lessons beyond law school

As you advance in your law career, there are new skills required to navigate the issues and opportunities you encounter as a professional.

Our three-part Career Starter Series will give you advice, tools, and resources to help build a successful career path, wherever your legal interests take you. This series is recommended for lawyers from all practice areas.

Building Your Professional Reputation

Your professional reputation is a significant factor in your success as a lawyer. Learn how to develop business and practice-specific relationships so that you can build and maintain a strong professional network. Skills covered include how to be professional in your written and oral communication, virtual presence, and in-person connections. 1.5 CPD (Practice Mgmt.)

Charting Your Career Path

Whether you have clear career goals, or are on a windier path, this session is for you. Our panelists share practical advice on how to chart a path forward, whether you are in private practice, in-house, at a government agency or even considering leaving legal practice behind. 1.5 CPD (Practice Mgmt.)

Demystifying the Partnership Track

The decision to pursue partnership as a career goal is an important one, and you need to thoughtfully consider whether it’s the right choice. In this session, discover the different partnership structures available, some of the benefits and drawbacks, and steps you can take to achieve this goal.