Investing in talent management is one of the most important things you can do to build a solid legal team for your firm. Knowing how to recruit, train and support the next generation of lawyers is critical to getting the best return on your investment. Maximize the potential of your legal team with our three-part series!

Our panelists will teach you how to become an articling principal that leverages both the interview and articling year to uncover the career development goals your student needs to succeed as an associate. Learn how using a strategic approach to recruitment and retention builds expertise within your firm.

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Part 1 – Becoming an Articling Principal

Thinking about becoming an articling principal, but are not sure what’s involved? Then this session is for you. Our panelists go beyond the LSBC Articling Guidelines to help you uncover the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to successfully supervise, train and mentor the next generation of lawyers. Attend this session and learn about topics including:

  • How to leverage the interview process to better understand your student’s career development needs.
  • Strategies to overcome the challenges of supervising a student in a hybrid legal workforce.
  • How to give constructive and regular feedback, and how to ask for support from your peers.

Participants will leave this session with the information and tools they need to take on this challenging and rewarding opportunity.

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Part 2 – What Lawyers Want: How to Recruit and Retain the Next Generation

Legal employers and lawyers each have expectations about their working relationship and this impacts how employers to recruit and retain legal talent. Lawyers today want more: financial stability, work-life balance, flexible work options and a law firm that prioritizes diversity and equity for its employees.

In this session, our speakers will teach you how to develop a recruitment strategy that fits today’s market and how to retain lawyers for the long-term. This session is ideal for small-medium sized firm employers and leaders.

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Part 3 – Working Together: Maximizing Paralegal Talent

Paralegals represent a growing sector of talent in both law firms and legal departments. Knowing how to work collaboratively with a paralegal is critical to enhance the productivity and profitability of your firm. Paralegals bring experience and expertise in building client relationships and process management and can combine their knowledge of legal concepts with new and innovative legal technology tools.

Whether you are hiring your first paralegal or want to know how to maximize your existing paralegal talent, our speakers will share their insights, best practices, and strategies.

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