Your Transition Tool Kit: 6 Steps to Effecting Change

  • June 19, 2020

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Guest Speakers

Paula Price, Lawyer and Executive Coach

Paula Price is a lawyer and certified executive coach. Paula formerly practiced in litigation at a national firm and has first hand experience in a busy practice. She also has experience working from home during the pandemic with two school-aged children, a husband and a much-neglected "home school" curriculum, all under one roof. In Paula's coaching practice, she works with lawyers and other professionals, helping them sort through layers of competing aspirations to identify priorities and take results-focused action. She's also keen about using technology to connect people and ideas, and strongly believes that social distancing doesn't need to mean social disconnection. 


The final in a series of three webinars from the BC WLF targeting YOUR questions about practicing law during COVID-19 and helping you adapt your practice!

Transitions happen to everyone at various stages of their careers. In this case, we’re all transitioning at the same time, together. In first of these coaching webinars with Allison Wolf, PCC, you learned how to identify opportunities. In the second session with Linda Parsons, QC, you explored how to maximize those opportunities. In this third session, we’ll explore six tools you can use to see an opportunity through to fruition!

In this one hour session with Coach Paula Price, attendees:

  • Learned 6 tools they can use when facing a new opportunity or challenge;
  • Explored practical examples of how these tools are applied; and
  • “Tested” each tool by applying it to your own situation (this will be your own individual work).

To make our session most productive, attendees prepared themselves by having in mind one challenge or opportunity that you’re currently facing. Attendees were invited to submit their challenges or opportunities in advance of the session, along with any questions about how to approach those challenges or opportunities, barriers they’re facing or problems they’re having in figuring out next steps.

Duration of meeting was 1.0 hour. Of this, 1.0 hours can be counted towards CPD.

Submitted by Olena Gavrilova, WLF Education Committee Co-Chair.