2011 CBABC Women Lawyers Forum Mentoring Program Orientation Luncheon

  • February 18, 2011

The 2011 CBABC Women Lawyers Forum (WLF) Mentoring Program kicked off with the Orientation Lunch on February 18 at the Law Courts Inn in Vancouver. Despite only half as many pairs signing up for the program this year, Co-Chairs of the Mentoring Program, Deborah Taylor and Julie Fisher, said "that attendance at the lunch was about the same as last year allowing new pairs to meet and sign the contract, learn about mentoring CPD credits, and set goals for the year ahead." Thanks to Mentoring Committee lawyers, Alexis Cloutier and Dana Turner-Ryan, for organizing and hosting the event. Future Mentoring events include the Art of Communication workshop in Spring, the hugely popular Top Tips in the Fall and the end of year Celebration Event in November 2011.