Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) - Walk of Hope

  • August 06, 2013

  Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) - Walk of Hope


Dear members,

The CBABC Women Lawyers Forum (BC WLF) will be celebrating the conclusion of its 10th anniversary year in September.

The BC WLF Executive has used the occasion of this 10th anniversary to look for new opportunities to leverage the BC WLF's communication networks and events to promote awareness of, and to fundraise for causes that are consistent with the BC WLF's broader purposes and which are of interest or help to our members; and for 2013 - 2014, we have chosen to support Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC). We have been inspired by our colleague and friend, Linda Wong, who is currently living with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. By raising awareness of ovarian cancer, we hope to support other women lawyers who may be touched with this cancer in some way and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of gynecological cancer.

One of OCC’s major fundraising events is the annual Walk of Hope which takes place on Sunday, September 8th at various locations throughout Canada. Linda Wong has provided us with a challenge and opportunity—in recognition of our 10th anniversary, she has generously agreed to match, up to $10,000, all of the money we are able to raise by September 18, 2013. The BC WLF, with the support of the CBA BC Branch, is calling on all women lawyers in the province to participate in, and raise funds for, the 2013 Walk of Hope.

Come be a part of the very first BC WLF Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope team. The Walk of Hope will be held on Sunday, September 8th in Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Kamloops, and Duncan. The Vancouver Walk of Hope will take place at Queen Elizabeth Park. You can create your own team outside of Vancouver and still be included in our fundraising efforts by including "WLF" or "Women Lawyers Forum" in your team name. For example: "Abbotsford-WLF Team". Your donations will then be tracked and credited towards Linda's matching fund.

  How to Join the BC WLF Team


Joining our team is simple—all you have to do is follow this link: http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=414480.

If you are unable to participate in the walk, you can become a virtual walker or donate to support the BC WLF team.

Together we can make a difference—let’s raise the bar.

For further information, contact Deborah Taylor by email at dtaylor@mackoff.ca. We are hoping that you will support the BC WLF in these efforts.

  Injustice of Ovarian Cancer—Video


We are hoping that you will support the BC WLF in these efforts. The following is a link to a video from OCC that we hope you will find compelling: