Media Tips for Lawyers

Tough questions, the rules of reporting, and soundbites. Learn how to work with media and get your point across effectively. This collection of resources can help when you find yourself on camera, on the air, or on record.

Three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Reporters are Professionals - they may have another dress code or may operate by another set of rules, but reporting is a profession with its own clear code of conduct. With that understanding, you are in a position of strength to clearly communicate your message to the public.
  2. Three Key Messages - whether you initiate contact or the reporter calls you, you must have a clear understanding of your ethical limits as a lawyer, and the key messages you or your client need to convey. Take some time (even 20 minutes could help) to prepare three key messages before you go on record.
  3. Call a Professional - CBABC branch staff can provide media relations advice and support. Contact Jo Brayshaw at or 604.687.3404 x359 to arrange interviews with our spokespeople or subject matter experts.


A Practical Guide to Dealing with the Media

Five Rules to Remember

How to Answer Tough Questions